Lost bears

I’ve just seen this thread on Twitter, with many lovely kind people replying and offering new bears.

It reminded me of a story I made up when I was a child, to deal with the fact that some children mistreat their bears. (No, Christopher Robin, it is not acceptable to carry them by the ear and bump them down the stairs.) I almost convinced myself that the place in my story was  real.

A boy and a bear. Source: Pixabay [Public Domain].

A boy and a bear. Source: Pixabay [Public Domain].

The story goes like this. When teddy bears are sad, or bored, or lost, they go to a place called Saftporgy. They teleport there and leave a simulacrum of themselves behind. It is an island in the middle of an ocean, and its climate and vegetation are uniquely suited to bears. The bears of Saftporgy have ample supplies of honey, and hammocks, and trees to climb. Saftporgy is basically Big Rock Candy Mountain, but for bears. It’s possible that Bear is taking a holiday in Saftporgy.

I was delighted to see, in the book The Witches’ Goddess, by Janet and Stewart Farrar, an entire chapter on teddy bears and the archetype that they represent.

There are also numerous bear goddesses: Artio, Artemis, Callisto, Mielikki, and Ildiko.

Let’s hope Jack and Bear are reunited.

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  1. I decided that my bears’ and other animals’ souls went to Fairyland when I wasn’t playing with them, and so I’d put them in a circle to call back their souls when I wanted to play. So, I was making up ritual circles when I was FOUR YEARS OLD. When people ask how long I’ve been a witch, that comes to mind…

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