The Night Journey – ebook version

The ebook of The Night Journey: witchcraft as transformation is now available from Lulu.

Many, many thanks to the friend who helped by fixing the formatting of the Word document so it could be converted to an ePub. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to fix the darn thing. You are an absolute star!

nightjourneyprintcoverThis book is aimed at witches who want to deepen their engagement with their Craft. It explores modes and types of ritual; how rituals work; the uses of sound and silence in ritual; the witch’s journey through life; the stages and pitfalls of the inner work. It shows how Queer Witchcraft is an inherent aspect of the archetype of the witch; how witchcraft relates to the land; witchcraft as resistance to oppression; working with ancestors; the witch’s pact with spiritual powers; the relationship between madness, shamanism, and witchcraft; and the concept of the night journey, another very old image from the history of witchcraft; how to use insights gained from the practice of witchcraft in everyday life; group dynamics; being a coven leader; teaching and learning in a coven; egregore, lineage, upline, and downline; power and authority; the process of challenging oppression; how to evaluate your Craft; the meaning and purpose of ‘spirituality’, religion, and magic; the archetype of the witch and what it means.

The book has also received a review from the excellent Bad Witch’s Blog. BadWitch says:

There’s a real shortage of good books on advanced witchcraft. The Night Journey – Witchcraft as Transformation is therefore a much-needed new publication aimed at Wiccans and witches who have reached second degree or who are running their own covens.

The print version of The Night Journey is now available on Amazon, as well. So is Dark Mirror: the inner work of witchcraft.

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