Birds and flowers

Yesterday evening, Bob and I went for a walk. There were red-winged blackbirds, cranes, loads of flowers (a pink & white vetch that smells nice; a white mallow; a white campion; water lilies coming out on the millpond; a big pink convolvulus). We saw ducklings with a mother duck. And away from the river, we saw a pair of cardinals feeding on a bird feeder. And a beautiful sunset.

There’s also a funny little bird that flies low over the water. It’s passerine in shape, brownish-black body, bluish-black head, and ears things in the water. I’ve named it the Ontario Dipper Bird.

In the garden we’ve had robins, squirrels, a rabbit, chipmunks, and mice. The roses and hostas and July lilies are coming out. One of the birds that comes to the garden has a call that sounds like “Breaker, Breaker” so I’ve named it the CB Bird.

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada. There are lots of events, but it’s not a day off, so I’ll be at work.

It’s also Summer Solstice, so happy summer!

Over at the AtheoPagan blog, Mark Green is hosting a contest for symbols for AtheoPaganism. I liked the idea and have submitted some designs involving DNA. I think a criterion should be that whatever is chosen is easy to draw.

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