Mexican birds

One of the most amazing birds we’ve seen in Mexico is the frigate bird. I’ve never seen one before but I thought that was what they were as soon as I saw them.

Here’s a picture of one from Wikimedia Commons, by Amado Demesa [CC-SA-2.0].

We have also seen terns, pelicans, pied avocets, and a rather elusive yellow finch. (All the rest of the photos in this post are by me.)

Pelican fishing from a boat.

Pied avocets (I was very excited to see avocets as they are very rare in England and they are the symbol of the RSPB).

These sleek elongated members of the Corvidae family are very attractive birds. I think it’s a great-tailed or Mexican grackle.

Update, 24 December

Today we saw a snowy egret with big yellow feet.

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