Winter in Ontario

I love winter, especially when it involves snow, frost, and sunshine.

Winter in Ontario is (mostly) crisp and dry, unlike the British winter where the damp gets into your bones even when it’s only minus 2 Celsius.

The scary thing about global warming and climate change is that the winters won’t be cold enough to kill off bugs such as the ticks that cause Lyme Disease, and the black flies that rampage all over Canada, seeking out fresh new flesh to prey on.

As folklore has it, “a green January makes a full churchyard” (because the bugs don’t get killed off by the frost).

Pagan lore also affirms that the cycle of the seasons is part of the natural order: the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.

I’m looking forward to Spring, but I’d say the Summer in Ontario is quite hot enough, thank you, and doesn’t need to get any hotter or drier.

So thank the gods for Winter, put another log on the fire, and enjoy these pictures of the snow.

Rockwood Conservation Area, Ontario


Photo by Bob


Rabbit and raccoon footprints in the snow


Rabbit footprints in the snow

Our street



The back garden this morning

Snow falling outside


And then the sun came out

All photos by Yvonne Aburrow (except the one labelled “Photo by Bob”) and licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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    • Yeah the weather here is more extreme and prolonged. I like the winter but the summer was too hot. I am a bit bored of snow now, though. And my cats are very unimpressed with the snow!

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