Bath Time Witchcraft

Witchcraft tip of the day.

To sensitize your hands to be able to feel auras, next time you’re in the bath with some bubble bath, grab a handful of bubbles and hold your hands parallel to each other with the bubbles between your hands. Then bring your hands slowly together and note the subtle increase in pressure of the bubbles on your skin. Do this more than once (it’s fun!)

Later, when you’re not in the bath, bring your hands together in the same way (but without the bubbles) and you should be able to feel the pressure of your aura. It’s not exactly the same as the bubbles, but the subtlety of the pressure is similar.

I tend to feel auras as a subtle change in heat or pressure. If you’re feeling someone else’s aura and you feel a cold spot, this can often represent a physical ache or problem. I generally massage the warmer areas of the aura into the cold spots to help with healing. You don’t need to actually touch the other person for this (it makes it harder to feel the subtle energies if you’re touching them).

Bubble bath. Photo by K Riemer on Pixabay (public domain)

Photo by K Riemer on Pixabay (public domain)

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