Resolutions for Earth Day

On Sunday, I checked my carbon footprint (it was not good) and resolved to go carbon neutral by planting trees.

If you’re not aware by now that we are in the midst of a climate crisis and mass extinction, take a look at this chart from xkcd which explains it very clearly.

But wouldn’t it be great if every purchase we made, everywhere, was either carbon neutral or factored the carbon cost into the price and planted trees to offset the carbon emissions?

Wouldn’t it be great if, when you get set up for tax and health insurance and payroll with a new employer, they also routinely offered a carbon offsetting option for you to sign up to?

Wouldn’t it be great if governments and companies and large organizations and voters were actually taking climate change seriously, and taking all the necessary steps to implement and improve upon the Paris climate accords?

It’s not too late to act. It will be too late if we don’t act now.

Here’s a link to Tree Canada which offsets carbon emissions by planting trees. There are a lot of groups offering similar services.

You can check your carbon footprint at numerous sites (just google for “carbon footprint calculator”).

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