Greening your business

Ideas for greening your business. In the face of the climate emergency, we all need to do something.


Keep face to face meetings involving travel to a minimum — use Skype for Business or Zoom or similar tools instead.

Offer interest-free loans to your employees to buy season tickets for public transit, bicycles, or electric cars. If there is inadequate public transit in your region, lobby the regional government to build it.

Allow your employees to work from home wherever possible.

Partner with a car-sharing website to encourage employees to car share.

Have a minibus service to take employees to and from work.

Help employees to relocate nearer to the workplace.


Make sure your pension fund and healthcare insurance providers don’t invest in fossil fuels and other polluters and do invest in clean energy.

If you are an investment company, divest from fossil fuels, palm oil, plastics, and other environmentally destructive industries.

Use some of your profits to plant trees to offset your carbon emissions.


Make sure your buildings are energy efficient.

Adjust the air conditioning to about five degrees warmer (your female employees will thank you for not freezing them).

Add screens on the outside of the building to deflect sunlight.

If you’re building a new building, make sure it is environmentally sustainable, well insulated, and naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

Switch to a green energy provider.

Use low energy light bulbs and lights that turn on and off automatically when someone enters the room.

Use recycled paper and discourage people from printing documents.

Install toilets with a short flush, or even better, compost toilets.

Logistics and deliveries

Ensure your delivery trucks follow the shortest possible route.

Switch to electric vehicles and biofuels where possible.

Use sustainable, recycled, and reusable materials for packaging and keep those to a minimum.

Working week

According to a new report, a drastic reduction in the length of the working week is also needed to reduce climate heating.

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