Notable and quotable 16

French Druids, tidings of Ragnarok, responding to the climate emergency.

French Druids

The River Crow reviews a French documentary about Druidry in France. The trailer is stunning, so the film looks well worth a watch.

Druides – neo, as the film is charmingly called, is both engagingly told and beautifully shot, making the absolute most of the breathtaking French mountains, forests and coasts. The three Druids featured show a wonderful combination of Druidic wisdom and down-to-earth practicality.

Ragnarok and Midsummer

Beith at Wandering the Woods points out that the coming of Ragnarok is rather like midsummer.

The sun is a ball of fire. It is something that brings us life, but only when we are exposed to it in moderation. That is perhaps the most important lesson that Midsummer can bring us: that too much of a necessary thing can kill us, that the very force of life is the same as the force that ultimately will be responsible for our death.

And so I wish to speak about something all of us feel, but find hard to really admit to ourselves. It is midsummer. It is that time when our human species is at the height of its power, but where we all know that we cannot continue on the same trajectory. We have to be prepared to enter into a time of diminishing light, or else that sun that has brought us so much joy will begin to devour us and take life away from us.

Responding to catastrophe

A post by Wolf at Anima Monday offers a whole person response to ecological catastrophe. For example:

  • Decolonize your lifestyle and all of your relations.
  • Vote for people who really care about nature.
  • Lobby local politicians to achieve 100% renewable energy (or whatever issue affects your community).
  • Pressure companies to clean up their act.

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