New Discord group

Delete Facebook is trending on Twitter after Zuckerberg held a secret meeting with right wing politicians to try to prevent the breakup of Facebook as a monopoly.

I left Facebook last year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It’s been a very good experience for me. Admittedly I haven’t quite quit the Facebook universe as I’m still on Instagram and WhatsApp.

With all that in mind, I thought it might be a good time to try another app for discussion about inclusive Wicca.

So I’ve created a space on the social media app Discord, which was originally for gamers, but I now used by other communities. The interface is very similar to Slack. Follow this link to get an invitation.

4 thoughts on “New Discord group

    • I gave up Facebook because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Added bonus: my mental health has improved massively.

      I still use Instagram and I know it can be problematic and is owned by Facebook but I wanted some way of keeping in touch with friends

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