And now, having mentioned the things I don’t do, let’s talk about the things I do.

Mostly because they enhance my life in some way.

Making curry on a Friday night. I love cooking, but since I work forty hours a week, I don’t seem to have much energy for it at the moment. But we have created a new thing of me making a different curry every Friday night.

Gardening. Sadly not enough of this either, but I love doing it, especially my herb garden.

My garden when we lived in Oxford, UK

My garden when we lived in Oxford, UK

Tidying. I have recently discovered that I actually like tidying. Especially after I discovered the joys of konmari style storage (rolling up towels and T-shirts and knickers and socks into neat cylinders and inserting them into the drawers vertically so they are all visible. I have even done the “does it spark joy?” part of Marie Kondo’s method, but I’ll never be as minimalist as she is.

Towels stored konmari style

Towels stored konmari style

The back porch after I tidied it

The back porch after I tidied it

Reading. I love reading, especially science fiction and alternate history. I’ve written a mini-review of every book I have read this year. I read on the bus (when travelling by bus), on the loo, in bed. If books were waterproof, I’d read in the shower.

Blogging. I’ve been blogging since 2003, in various places. Mostly blogging about Paganism with a hefty dollop of politics.

Writing. I love writing and need to do more of it. Currently researching folk magic but whether this will become a book is too early to say. I also had an idea for a book on ritual.

Twitter. I spend far too much time on Twitter but I’ve learnt loads of stuff on there. I feel it has somewhat shortened my attention span though.

Work. I enjoy my work, especially the user experience aspects of it.

Making stuff. Again, not enough of this happens, but I enjoy making things (scabbards for athames and swords and quivers for arrows). Also currently attempting cross-stitch but it’s a bit fiddly. Bob and I also led a workshop on making Brighid’s crosses (also known as ojo de dios) at Harvestfest.

Brighid’s crosses made by workshop participants

Brighid’s crosses made by workshop participants (shared with permission)

Walking. I love walking and seeing trees and flowers and birds and water and rocks.

Tai Chi. This is a great way of improving energy flow around your body and getting in touch with your body and improving your balance.

Photography. I love taking pictures. I used to have a SLR camera but now I just use my phone. I try not to constantly walk around framing everything as a potential photo though; otherwise I ended up filtering reality. That’s why I try to practice embodied photography.

You can see some of my photos on my Instagram account, @birdberrybooks

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  1. I do a lot of the same sort of things too and they bring a lot of joy and meaning into my life. Your herb garden in Oxford is beautiful and inspiring. I have only ever grown herbs in pots but maybe one day I’ll create one like yours.

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