Notable and quotable 18

It’s been ages since I’ve done a “notable and quotable” post, but a couple of posts showed up on my feed this week that I had to share, so here it is.

The Glacier, by Stuart

A poem about the beauty of glaciers and what a huge loss it would be if they all melted. My favourite line was “A sparkling diamond in a special ring“.

Talking to children about Santa, by Nimue Brown

A great post on talking to children about Santa:

This is a story whose roots are indeed magical and generous, but the tale has been co-opted for commercial purposes. It’s not magic any more, it’s capitalism and consumption in peak flow.

And if you want to take an alternative approach to Father Christmas, check out my short story, “The Gift of Naughtiness”.

Adventures in consent by Nimue Brown

Great post on boundaries, consent, and the importance of being able to say no, and receive others’ No.

If you’ve felt unsafe, if your ‘no’ was unheard or there was never even space for it, this more deliberate space to say no, is needed, and good. Room to say no is a gift to offer someone whose ‘no’ has been ignored. Coming at this as someone who has had their ‘no’ ignored in all kinds of ways, offering someone else the freedom to say no also feels powerful.

Group Expectations, by Occultivated Iris

A great post on what new members ought to be able to expect from a group, and what the group can reasonably expect from them.

Joining any group or accepting any student is to some extent an act of trust and love because we never know where it will take us or what will emerge in the process. Group dynamics are always going to be complicated. The only way to navigate them safely is through healthy communication and work.

Black Friday Sales, by Kallisti

And finally, some excellent advice on how to prepare yourself for all the sales that will happen over the holiday season: to make a list of stuff you actually need.

Remember that you don’t need to use the Marie Kondo technique on things you don’t buy in the first place.