Notable and quotable 21

Posts I enjoyed this week.

The Secrets, by Mark Green

This proposed day of unburdening oneself reminded me of Takanakuy in a way.

What if we could speak the unspeakable, shameful secrets, just for one day? … What would it be like if we could bare ourselves to one another, just for that one day? If that One Thing that inspires a cascade of shame could be spoken to another, without being judged? If we, as a society, had a culture of radical honesty on one particular day? I have to believe it would be good for us, if the culture of that day were one of listening and accepting, of seeing the humanity beyond The Secret.

Be more kind, by The River Crow

A reminder that if we want to see more light in the world, we need to be that light.

Then there are people who smile, help with heavy loads, share food, use the correct pronouns for others, offer a cup of tea and a listening ear, give what they can when they can to whoever needs it.

There is love, and acceptance, and community, and support, and nurturing.

Look for it, find it.

And if you can’t find it, make it.

Frith (on Divine Multiplicity)

Fascinating post about the concept of frith, which is a very important principle of Heathenry, though widely misunderstood.

Frith rested on the Germanic concept of unity. In the Western world, the way we are taught the idea of unity today is … that a stick by itself is weak but a bundle of sticks together are strong – unity is thus conveyed as the addition of individuals to a collective. The Germanic people did not understand unity in this way; for them, unity was the natural state of existence.

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