A message from Brighid

We are in the northern part of Turtle Island. We start every circle with a land acknowledgment and a blessing for the First Nations of this land. Today we invoked Brighid, goddess of smith-craft, poetry and healing. This is her message. She wanted me to put it on the Internet. Even if you don’t believe in channeling and goddesses: her message is truthful.

I spread my wings

I fly over the sea

The land is covered in a blanket of snow

I see growing things stirring beneath the earth

The land and its people * are suffering

I spread my wings to protect the people of the land

I enfold them in my protection.

Humans are damaging the land

Endangering the animals and birds

I kindle the fire that will awaken the humans to protect the land and the waters and the animals.

If humans do not care for the land and the waters and the animals, they will die.

Go forth and be the fire that will kindle human hearts.

Protect the land and the waters and the people and the animals.

Be the healing. Create the poetry to change hearts and minds.

Be the change.

* “the people of the land” was definitely referring to Indigenous people

A swan cradling her cygnets in her wings

A swan cradling her cygnets in her wings. The swan is the bird of Brighid.