Notable & quotable: inclusive Tarot

It seems that inclusive Tarot is in the air, because I have seen two posts about it today.

Major Arqueerna: 5 reasons why “Tarot for One” by Courtney Weber is my favorite Tarot book

The book sounds amazing for several reasons, but this one was my personal favourite:

To my delight, Weber embraces the gender-neutrality of the Tarot. This shouldn’t be that unusual in a Tarot book, but unfortunately it is, in my experience. Weber’s take is both refreshing and reassuring for nonbinary readers

Occultivated: Comparing Thoth & Rider Waite Tarot Systems

…when I found the Haindl deck, I was excited because it pick up on themes from around the world. It wasn’t just a bunch of white folks and Christian iconography. Even back then these things were really important to me and honestly, not something that you found in a lot of decks in the 90s. At least not the ones I had access to.

Other inclusive Tarot decks you might enjoy…

  • Stevee Postman’s beautiful Cosmic Tribe Tarot – it has three different Lovers cards (two men, two women, and a man and a woman).

    Without abandoning the traditional structure that has made the Tarot a successful divination tool for centuries, Postman charges his deck with erotic, mystical energy, showing that the modern tribal movement is at the heart a spiritual one. Never before has a Tarot so boldly reconnected the contemporary soul to the eternal cosmos.

  • The Melanated Classic Tarot by Oubria Tronshaw and Julia Goolsby.

    Although the deck was meant to showcase universal archetypes to spark the subconscious mind of every man and woman regardless of race — and although Colman-Smith was a bi-racial woman of color who spent her early life living in Jamaica, she was paid to draw scenes depicting only whites.

  • Dust to Onyx: A melanated Tarot by Courtney Alexander.

    The cards feature 78 mixed media collage paintings accented with metallic and holographic foils, featuring cultural myths, symbolism, history, and icons within the Black Diaspora. The Dust II Onyx Vade Mecum features multiple keyword lists and full color images of the artwork with titles and art descriptions.

Also check out the Tarot-related products on the inclusive Wicca Zazzle store (be sure to change the URL to reflect your location, so as to get the cheapest postage).