Cakes and wine in a pandemic

Most religions that share food and drink have been having discussions about how to modify these practices to make them safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Mostly that means not meeting at all.

It’s best not to meet at all if any of you are immunocompromised, or in the vulnerable age group, or in self-isolation, or if you know someone who is immunocompromised or in a vulnerable age group and are likely to be seeing them.

If none of that applies and you are still meeting with any of your coven during this time, it would obviously be a bad idea to carry on doing a lot of the hugs and food sharing that is normal in Wicca.

I’m sure you can get creative with ritual elbow touching, but cakes and wine is a bit more tricky.

Thankfully, the inclusive Wicca two chalices ritual can easily be adapted for a more hygienic cakes and wine ritual.

My partner Bob suggested the following modification:

Fill the main chalice, or a jug, with wine and consecrate it as usual. (Don’t take a sip until after the next step.)

Then each person holds out their own personal chalice and the high priestess pours consecrated wine into it, with the words “I fill your cup with love”.

That way everyone gets their own cup and there’s no cross-contamination, but they still get consecrated wine.

It may also be a good idea to get individually-wrapped cakes.

Stay healthy, and blessed be!

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