The Tower and the Virus

My first guest column at The Wild Hunt.

I have been anxious for months, years even. I have watched with growing horror the rise of right-wing populism, the melting of the icecaps, the burning of Australia, the beginnings of wars over water and resources, the seemingly inexorable destruction wrought by climate change. The protests of Fridays for Future and Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion gave me some cause for optimism, but it is also obvious that governments have not been doing enough to turn the economy around to stop the production of carbon emissions. So when everyone suddenly swung into action to deal with the coronavirus crisis, it gave me some hope that perhaps now the needful actions to deal with climate change (many of which, it turns out, are quite similar to the actions needed to flatten the curve of coronavirus transmission) would seem doable. It also feels like now everyone else is as anxious as me.

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7 thoughts on “The Tower and the Virus

  1. Emberbear beat me to it, but yes, the article was a good one and voices the approach that must be taken. Through fact, compassion and respect of both the world and people will we get through this.

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    • Yes — I’m honestly reassured by the fact that even Tories are saying that hospitals and the social safety net are a necessary and wonderful thing. And perhaps this means that politicians will now step up their efforts to do something about the climate emergency.

      There is a danger of more totalitarianism and surveillance though, and we need to be on our guard against it.

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