Notable and quotable: coronavirus (3)

As coronavirus lockdown continues and the case count spirals upwards, people are getting more anxious and in need of community support. Here’s another roundup of coronavirus posts.

Michael at Unhinged and Unenlightened has a great post on spiritual coping strategies for anxiety.

I’ve decided to put together some self-help tips that try and take into consideration our limitations due to the pandemic. I mainly focused upon anxiety and worry, as it seems that’s what most people are dealing with in these trying times.

And there’s another great post from Michael on coping with depression during the lockdown.

Ideas to combat Depression in the Pandemic: Host a spirit party! You can’t have living people over, but what about the dead? What about the spirits? They certainly can’t give or catch ‘the virus’, so have them over!

Kyaza at Kallisti reflects on the role of the polytheist priest in these uncertain times.

I remember sitting down to dinner with two of my friends sometime in mid-January, and we were discussing the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and how something like that had not happened in a century. We also discussed other historical storms. At one point, we talked about how the only thing that hadn’t yet happened was a global pandemic…as the last one had happened over 100 years ago. That conversation still haunts me because it almost seemed to predict the situation we are facing now, with the Covid19 pandemic.

Beith at Wandering the Woods has a post on mullein, a herb that’s good for the lungs.

As I was battling the Corona-virus myself this past month (supposedly the ‘mild’ version, but even then it has forced me to spend most of my day couch-bound for more than three weeks now, making it all but impossible to do any work at all that is more strenuous than watching television – so please take the precautions seriously: nobody is immune to this!), a herbalist friend suggested I might want to try drinking Mullein-leaf tea to help with the healing.

Best wishes for a full recovery, Beith!

And in case you missed it, I wrote an article for The Wild Hunt, entitled The Tower and the Virus.

I am very glad that this crisis has brought out so many responses of people caring and volunteering for others, and grateful to the doctors and nurses and supermarket staff and food delivery drivers and cleaners and other key workers. We should show our gratitude to them by giving them all a pay-rise, not just a round of applause.

I am thankful that I have not seen very many Pagan responses to the coronavirus pandemic along the lines of “it’s Gaia’s revenge,” or “humans are a virus.” Maybe it’s because I don’t hang out on the corners of the internet where such ideas are expressed, but most of the responses that I have seen from Pagans have been more thoughtful and community oriented.

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