Fear and Bigotry

Excellent article by Diane Morrison in response to that transphobic article by JK Rowling.

Fear does not justify bigotry. Trans rights are human rights. This article deconstructs the arguments J.K. Rowling set forth in her opinion piece.

Fear and Bigotry:

2 thoughts on “Fear and Bigotry

  1. This is definitely something I wish JK Rowling would shut up about. For one, it’s none of her damn business. All she is doing is embolding small minded idiots to make trans people’s often precarious lives even more precarious and difficult.

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    • Yes, I wish she would too. It’s awful.

      And now a lot of other celebrities and authors are going ‘why are you shouting at JK Rowling?’ Well that’s because she’s a TERF.


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