Pagan Leadership Course

I will be delivering a course on Pagan leadership with the Raven Academy of Mystical Arts.

You can sign up for it on their website via the ordination track (which is aimed at allowing people to conduct rites of passage).

You can sign up from anywhere in the world, as the sessions are not live; they’re all pre-recorded.

The course will cover diversity and inclusion, psychological aspects of leadership, active listening, consensus process, nonviolent communication, models of leadership, consent culture, creating safe space, and more. The course will be suitable for all types of Pagans, Heathens, polytheists, Wiccans, and witches.

And best of all it is FREE! You’re highly welcome to spend money in their online shop to help finance this excellent initiative, but that’s optional.

Full list of topics

Week 1. Pagan models of leadership; Other models of leadership; Management; Leading a group; Time management

Week 2. Diversity and inclusion

Week 3. Organization; Starting a group; Creating safe space; developing group guidelines.

Week 4. Pagan Ethics. Nonviolent communication, consensus process, Mediation and Conflict Resolution; Problem Solving Skills. Ethics of Charging Money.

Week 5. Shadow work; archetypes; motives for being a leader; projection and transference; emotional support; active listening.

Week 6. Preventing burnout. Delegation, boundaries. Dealing with disruption and violation of community norms. Red flags and abusers

Week 7. Group dynamics — where does the power go in a group? Models of community (village, network, neighborhood, tribe, society, coven, hearth, grove, church) and power distribution.

Week 8. Community, outreach, and networking; Web and social media presence.
Raven Academy of Mystical Arts
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