How to make an ancestor altar

  1. Make an altar from a box or a couple of planks and some bricks
  2. Cover it with a black, dark green, dark blue, purple, or brown cloth.
  3. Add some candles.

Ancestors can be members of your family who have died, but they can also be people you admire (ancestors of spirit) and people who lived where you live (ancestors of the land). Ancestors of spirit can include LGBTQIA people and Pagans.

You can download photos of Queer and Pagan ancestors from the web. If you’re handy with a graphics editor, you can resize and crop the photos. You can get frames from craft stores or thrift stores (secondhand shops).

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3 thoughts on “How to make an ancestor altar

  1. I’m trans. When I’m dead I wish to fade back into nothingness and be forgotten. I have no desire to be canonised, or even remembered. That’s my living self speaking. When I’m gone I doubt I’ll care one way or the other.


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