More potted history

In my last potted history post, I was half way through my ‘potted history of witchcraft‘ series. I have now completed it, and added a video on key concepts in Paganism.

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The Witch’s Mirror Episode 6: The Rebirth of Witchcraft
Witchcraft gets reincarnated and is surprised to find itself a babe-in-arms once more.
The Witch’s Mirror Episode 7: The Adolescence of Witchcraft
Witchcraft starts listening to rock music, watching scary movies, dyeing its hair, and acting rebellious.
The Witch’s Mirror Episode 8: The Coming-of-Age of Witchcraft
Witchcraft gets the key to the front door, moves out of its parents’ basement, and gets a job.
The Witches’ Mirror Episode 9: Key ideas in Paganism
Celebrating being alive
Harmony with Nature
A common treasury for all
Immanent divinity / deities

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