New book project: spiritual wobbles

Have you had a “wobble” in your Pagan path where you joined another religion, either temporarily or permanently? What caused it, and what other religion did you choose? Did it help you resolve the issue? Did you return to Paganism, or did you stay with the other religion? What did you gain or lose by your exploration of the other path?

Have you joined Paganism out of dissatisfaction with another religion? What was the cause of that dissatisfaction, and did you find what you were looking for in Paganism? Do you miss anything about your previous tradition?

Are you a dual-faith practitioner of Paganism with another path? How does that work for you? What was the impetus that made you choose your dual path?

Over the years, both before and since I had a “wobble” in my spiritual journey, I have noticed a few other people having a similar experience, and thought perhaps an anthology of these experiences would be useful. So I’m inviting contributions. If publishers are not interested in it, I will self-publish it.

I will edit this anthology in a non-judgmental, sympathetic way. The aim of the anthology is to share stories and experiences of navigating a multi-faith environment and dealing with the residual effects of the faith that one was brought up in. I am hoping that these will be helpful for other people going through similar experiences.

If you’re interested in participating, please email me at with a brief outline of your contribution. Prose, poetry and art work (preferably monochrome) are all welcome.

I will set a (wobbly) deadline for contributions of Spring Equinox because I know that when I’m writing something, I like to have a deadline.


The book is now called Changing Paths and will be published by 1000 Volt Press in 2023. Find out more at

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