Meditation with snow

This is actually an illustration of how terrible I am at meditation. But I had fun trying. I’m sharing this for all the other people out there who struggle with meditation. I can recommend washing your face with snow though — it’s very invigorating.

I just remembered a meditation that I saw in a book where you go outside and collect some snow and watch it melt.
I think it’s going to take a while to melt
So I tried washing my face with it. Invigorating! Maybe this is the new Scandinavian beauty routine?
It’s sunk down quite a bit in the bowl now. Kudos to anyone who could actually use this as a meditation technique.
It’s gone slushy and icy now. Conclusion: I’m the world’s worst meditator. I keep filming it instead of contemplating it. (I hope it’s not offended.)
Some of it is liquid now.
Even more liquid

I think I’m going to make Moon water with it. Just got to figure out how to get moonlight infused into it. If I leave it outside, it’ll freeze.

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2 thoughts on “Meditation with snow

  1. How lovely! And you still spent time paying attention to it, even if you were filming. Taking time to notice things is still important in my book.

    May I suggest for moon water leaving it in a windowsill in a glass mason jar? So the light can get through.

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