BIPOC Tarot Decks

When I did my post on BIPOC Pagan and occult authors, I did Google for Tarot decks, but I did not find much. The amazing  @revolutionary_mystic on Instagram has compiled a list of BIPOC Tarot creators.

Dust II Onyx @dust2onyxtarot⁠⁠

Next World Tarot @croadcore⁠⁠

The Star-Spinner Tarot @trungles⁠⁠

The Sibyls Oraculum, Hoodoo Tarot @tayannahleemcquillar⁠⁠

Flora and Fauna of Africa Deck, Afro tarot @jessijumanji⁠⁠

Akamara @akamaratarot⁠⁠

A Deck for Wonder Walking @amytwon⁠⁠

Kaleidadope tarot @krystal.banner @kaleidadope ⁠⁠

Shrine of the Black Medusa @crochetypoet⁠⁠

Black Gold Lenormand @grandmababyapothecary⁠⁠

Botan Tarot Deck @amiyakom⁠⁠

Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Cards @toolsforlivingba⁠⁠

Afro Goddess Oracle Deck @art.goddess.drea⁠⁠

The Melanated Classic Tarot @oubria and @blaquepenn_comix⁠⁠

The Gentle Tarot – Indigenous Tarot deck from Alaska

Mētztli | They/them (@revolutionary_mystic) currently has a Kickstarter for a new Tarot deck

BIPOC YouTube creators

Arcane Panda

Aunty K

The Mindful Mage

Please add more BIPOC Tarot and YouTube creators and artists in the comments!

2 thoughts on “BIPOC Tarot Decks

  1. I highly recommend the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Deck by @art.goddess.drea. The deck is pure class: beautiful imagery, sturdy cardstock, magnetic box, and a red velvet pouch. It’s so gorgeous. Speedy shipping was a bonus. I’m going back for the Oracle deck!
    However, buyer beware of! Still haven’t received either the deck or my refund. This seller ignores customer emails and refused to do a prompt refund after 2 months I had to file a claim wth PayPal. Still waiting on my money. Don’t get scammed. Support ethical businesses, regardless of race.

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    • Sorry to hear that you never even got a refund.

      There’s also companies out there pretending to be Black-owned, but they are not. That is worrying.

      Thanks for the recommendation of the Afro Goddess deck.


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