Ritual writing prompts

Ever had that feeling where you are staring at a blank sheet of paper and wondering what to write for your ritual?

Here are some writing prompts.


  • What is your favourite animal / bird / tree / flower / plant?
  • Does it have any mythology associated with it?
  • What is its life-cycle?
    • In relation to the ritual year?
    • In relation to the four elements?
  • Who is your favourite mythological character / deity / being?
  • What is their symbolism or their story?
  • Can you retell it as a ritual drama?
  • Do they have a relationship with a plant / animal / bird?
  • Can you retell a well-known myth or folktale from a different perspective?
  • What handicraft or gardening activities interest you?
    • Spinning, weaving, composting, planting, pruning, cooking, alchemy, science
    • Arachne, spiders, weaver birds, Pomona, Flora, etc.
    • Making poppets
    • Blessing tools
    • Planting seeds
  • Can you come up with a ritual incorporating the activity or symbolism associated with it
  • What deity is associated with the activity?
  • What animal or bird is associated with the activity?
  • Symbols and numbers
    • Pentagram, unicursal hexagram etc.
    • Walk the outline of the symbol
    • Planets, elements
  • Folktales and stories
    • King Arthur cycle, Robin Hood tales, folk heroes, your local mythology (if you are a settler in a colonized country, don’t use Indigenous mythology)

Seasonal festivals

  • What is the key aspect of the festival for you?
  • What plants / animals / birds appear in your region at that time of year?
  • What agricultural or handicraft activity is associated with the festival or the time of year?
  • What foods are associated with the festival?
  • What natural cycles are associated with the festival?
    • The water cycle (rain, evaporation, underground streams etc)
    • Plant cycles – seed, growing, fruiting, wilting, compost etc

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