About me

September Pagan Challenge #1: Introduction.

I am Yvonne Aburrow. I have been a Pagan for 36 years and a Wiccan for 30 years. I am nonbinary and bisexual. I lived in the UK for the first fifty years of my life; now I live in Canada, on the lands of the Anishinaabe, the HodinohshΓ³:ni, and the Attawandaron. I’m married to Bob. I am a software developer.
I have written about ten books, the most recent being β€œDark Mirror: the Inner Work of Witchcraft”, β€œThe Night Journey: Witchcraft as Transformation”, and β€œAll acts of love and pleasure: inclusive Wicca”. All of these are inclusive of LGBTQIA people, neurodivergent people, disabled people, and BIPOC people. Dark Mirror and The Night Journey are also about the inner work of witchcraft, which is what happens internally when you do ritual. I have an Amazon author page and a Goodreads author page β€” do check them out.
Dark Mirror & The Night Journey are available from the Doreen Valiente Foundation online shop. All acts is available from Avalonia Publishing.
I am interested in history, especially social history & queer history, archaeology, folklore, art, the runes, mythology, botany, geology, and landscape.
I love reading science fiction, witch books, urban fantasy, queer historical fiction, Indigenous futurism, and more (check out my Goodreads page for more).
I also have a YouTube channel, where I talk about witch and Pagan culture and history, and also did a series of interviews with queer Pagan and magical practitioners.
The September Pagan Challenge was started by midwestern_druid on Instagram.

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