Cosy or hyggelig?

Cosy • September Pagan Challenge # 16

The word cosy evokes blankets and cocoa, thick velvet curtains, woolly knitted jumpers, and squishy sofas. It’s slightly chintzier than hyggelig.

The word hyggelig evokes hugs, firelight, candles, warm food, cocoa, mulled wine, rambling conversations, simple rustic pleasures and interiors, and curling up in an inglenook or window seat with a book.

I recently read The Little Book of Hygge and was reassured to discover that I’ve been practicing hygge my whole life without knowing the word for it.

Hyggelig (the adjective corresponding to the noun hygge) doesn’t exactly map onto cosy or homey, but it’s close. Each culture has its own version of hygge, but it seems the Danes have created a concept of warmth and friendship for all seasons.

The Little Book of Hygge, acquired during a thrifting expedition

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