Trans Day of Visibility

Today is International Trans Day of Visibility.

It’s more important than ever that everyone stands with trans and nonbinary people, as there’s a concerted campaign to erase us from existence.

36 US states are bringing forward legislation to prevent life-saving access to trans-affirming care, prevent trans kids from competing in sports teams that match their gender, criminalize anyone who helps trans kids get access to care such as beta-blockers (harmless and reversible). It also prevents anyone under adult age from getting access to surgery — but makes an exception for surgery on intersex babies who cannot consent.

Just look at this legislative tracker: some states have as many as 14 bills being brought forward.

In the UK, transphobia is rampant, with the nasty rhetoric spread by JKR and the LGB Alliance (an anti-trans hate group) catching hold widely.

Even in Canada, anti-trans rhetoric is on the rise and we need to be vigilant.

And LGBT+ groups in Ukraine are scared of what the Russians will do to them. Trans women have not been allowed to leave Ukraine by border guards who classified them as men.

If you’re an ally who lives in a state bringing forward anti-trans legislation, please write to or call your state governor and protest against it.

Follow @trans_week and @them on Instagram for great trans and nonbinary content, and ways to help.

Donate to Trans Lifeline, or your local group supporting trans and nonbinary youth.