Review of Queer Qabala by Enfys J Book

Incredibly clear, beautifully written explanation of the Hermetic Qabala and its inherent queerness, expressed in the idea that there are three pillars (force, balance, and form), and that the Divine includes all genders and sexualities.

The book is written with style and wit by an expert in the subject. There are path-workings to help you fully experience all aspects of the Qabala, and journal exercises to deepen your understanding of the worlds, spheres, and pathways of the Tree of Life.

The book relates all the aspects of the Tree to queer experiences and life events, such as coming out to yourself and others, and finding queer community. It explores both the wonderful and the scary aspects of being queer, including queer joy and sorrow. This exploration of the many aspects of the Tree is grounded in a deep knowledge of the Qabala, and the overlapping Pagan and queer communities. This is a vision of Qabala that understands the importance of cyclicity: growth and decay, death and rebirth, darkness and light, immanence and transcendence, the manifest and the unmanifest.

It offers magical workings based on queer Qabala which relate to each sphere of the Tree of life and everyday experiences like getting a job or finishing a project.  It is pragmatic and fun, accessible and inclusive.

You may be wondering about the fact that Jewish Kabbalah is said by many people to be closed practice; but this book is about Hermetic Qabala, a practice which is derived from Jewish Kabbalah, but not identical with it. Hermetic Qabala emerged as a syncretic occult system in the 1600s, after a period of close collaboration and exchange of ideas between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian scholars. This book is about Hermetic Qabala.

This book will be valuable to everyone from beginners, who will find the subject thoroughly explored and explained, to people who are already working with Qabala, who will gain a fresh perspective on it.

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