Abortion is health care

Making abortion illegal will not end all abortions, only safe ones. My body, my choice.

I am pro choice because bodily autonomy is a human right.

I am pro choice because abortion is health care.

I am pro choice because people will die without access to safe legal abortion. People will be forced to go to backstreet abortion clinics, where they will get inadequate care and then die.

There have been so many cases of pregnant people (both adults and children) being forced to carry non-viable pregnancies (e.g. ectopic pregnancies and non viable foetuses) who have then died.

There have been so many cases of people who have been raped being forced to continue with the pregnancy.

There have been so many cases of people who have had miscarriages and been accused of having an abortion and then being imprisoned.

Abortion bans will disproportionately affect Black people, People of Color, and Indigenous people, many of whom already have difficulty accessing abortions.

If you want to prevent abortions, make contraception and vasectomies widely available, and make free childcare available for the first three years of life (as is the case in Scandinavia).

And don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of SCOTUS declining to support more stringent gun control on the one hand, and striking down Roe V Wade on the other.

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4 thoughts on “Abortion is health care

  1. I am pro-life because life is a human right.

    I am pro-life because I believe a just society recognises a duty to protect its weakest members.

    The only difference between the major US political parties is that one is happy to have their children killed when they are younger, and the other is happier to see them killed when they are older and at school.

    I am p/


    • I agree with you that a just society seeks to protect its weakest members. That’s why I am in favour of abortions being available.

      There are people who have needed abortions because of ectopic pregnancies, septic infections, and similar non-viable pregnancies. If they do not get an abortion, they will die. There are numerous countries where it is illegal to abort a foetus with a heartbeat, even if the pregnancy is completely non-viable.

      There are people who have needed abortions because they were completely unable to look after a child. Given the trauma of being adopted recounted by numerous adoptees, that is also a valid reason for an adoption.

      In Scandinavian countries where there is no stigma around being an unmarried mother, contraception and sex education is widely available, and there is free childcare up to the age of three, abortions are much rarer.

      In countries where abortion is illegal, all they have succeeded in doing is banning safe and legal abortions. Abortions still happen, but more women die of the complications.

      If you want to make abortion rare, be like Scandinavia.

      No-one has an abortion lightly. It’s their choice.


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