Gardnerians speak!

Recently some transphobic people claimed that they are more traditional than Gardnerians who are welcoming and inclusive. Several people have written or spoken to refute their transphobic nonsense and their claims to be more traditional, including me, Mortellus, Jack Chanek, Jason Mankey, Ash the Gardnerian Librarian, and Dylan. I’m going to try to collect all the YouTube videos, Instagram videos and posts, blogposts, and tweets here — so please add a link to yours in the comments if I missed you out.

Don’t miss this brilliant blog post from Dylan: Weaponizing Polarity: A Critical Response to “Traditional Gardnerians” (19 July).

Open letter from Mortellus: Traditional Gardnerian Wica

Jack Chanek: “Traditional” versus “Reform” Gardnerians.
Yvonne Aburrow: Transphobia has no place in Gardnerian Wicca

Let me know in the comments if you have a public post that you would like me to add here.

UPDATE: Great post from the Seeking Witchcraft podcast (also on Facebook).

I would also add, see who is in the inclusive Wicca discussion group on Facebook, and the inclusive Wicca group on Discord, too. And review my checklist of what an inclusive coven looks like.

UPDATE: New guest post at A Bad Witch’s Blog from William Hunter: Identifying Discrimination Dog Whistles in the Craft

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