Changing Paths

Are you entering Paganism, leaving Paganism, or changing traditions within it? How do you explain your new path to friends, family, former co-religionists, and yourself? How do you extricate yourself from your previous tradition and its associated ideas? How do you unpack your complex feelings about your path, and why you are changing direction?

If you have ever changed paths or considered changing paths, this book is for you. It is a guide for people who have entered Paganism from another tradition, people leaving Paganism for another tradition or none, and people changing from one tradition to another within Paganism.

Find out more at the Changing Paths resources website, where I have created a list of further reading, where to get help, and a Spotify playlist to accompany the book.


The book will be published by 1000 Volt Press in 2023.

6 thoughts on “Changing Paths

  1. In regard to the Path I follow and have followed for almost all my life–the single admonition that was given to me–by a Goddess dear in my heart–is that I could not stray from my Path and ever return to it.


  2. Being someone who has journeyed from Christianity to Paganism, including Shamanism, Hedge-Witchcraft, Chaos magic and settled on Druidry, I would say that all spiritual paths have something to teach. The only “True Way” is the one that grows, evolves and changes over time, in other words, you.

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  3. I have changed my pagan path a few times over the last 10 years. As we grow we evolve and natural we just go with the flow of it all. I will share with others why I changed if I feel they are open to it. I think it is good to share the stories of our journey, because you never know who it may help along the way.

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