Seasonal markers

Crow at @marget.inglis_witchcraft asks, what are the markers of the turning of the seasons for you. Not public holidays or specific festivals, high days & holy days, but those moments when you notice a change every year.

Here are mine for our house and garden in southern Ontario:

🦗 Crickets and cicadas
🥀 asters and goldenrods flower
🛶 last Kayak trip
🍎 fruit and veg ripening
🐦 when the geese start migrating south in V formations
🍂 🍁 when I see the first leaf turning orange or red
❄️ first snowfall of the year
⛄️ when the snow lays / sticks for the first time
🐦 when the birds start coming back from the south
🪸 when the twigs start budding on the trees
❄️ the first time the temperatures get above 1°C
❄️ when the snow finally melts
🌳 first leaves on the tree outside my window
🌼 the first flowers of the year
🌾 when the grass springs up green again after the snow
🌾 the first time I smell freshly mown grass☀️ the first time it’s warm enough to eat outside
🐦 first cardinals and robins in the garden
🌹 roses flower in the garden
🌸 milkweed flowers
🦋 first sighting of a monarch butterfly
🛶 first kayak trip
☀️ when it’s too hot to move

Also, watching the changes of the tree outside my office window is important to me.

What are your personal seasonal markers?

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