Census results for Paganism in Canada

The breakdown of the Canadian census results is frustrating because it does not show Heathens, Druids, or polytheists; and the Pagan category includes Wicca. So it’s hard to compare with the UK data.

Indigenous spirituality … 29,820

Pagan (including Wicca)… 21,085

I’m disappointed that they didn’t list Heathens, Druids, and polytheists.

Other occult traditions

Unity / New Thought / Pantheist … 4,000
New Age … 1,525
Gnostic … 1,165
Satanist … 850

Nature-based religions from other cultures

Hindu … 297,200
Shinto … 545
Taoist … 3,440

Also of interest

Unitarian … 17,480
Quakers … 2,975

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