Nature notes 1

Nature notes: 16 February 2023. Hespeler, Ontario. Most of the snow has gone. Only a few patches left.

Saw a couple of chickadees, two grey squirrels, one black squirrel in the woods. Heard a woodpecker (sound on in the video to hear it). Heard some crows and saw them flying along the edge of the wood. The woodpecker is still drilling away intermittently as I write this.

On the way home I saw two more black squirrels and another grey one.

The sky was grey and overcast.

According to the weather app on my phone, the temperature was 2°C at 8:35 am.

The featured image of this post is an interesting rock I noticed in the wood, next to where some trees fell down in last April’s big storm.

A rock with pink and black stripes, probably metamorphic rock, resting on the ground which is carpeted with last autumn’s leaves.
Stripy rock

The reason I’m doing this is that it seems like a good idea to record these things so that there’s an opportunity to compare year-on-year. I’d strongly encourage others to do the same in your own local area.

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