Res publica

In this beautiful and dignified corridor are black and white photographic portraits of all the presidents of Eire. (Photo by me, Dublin Castle, 20 May 2019.) In Eire, the role of president is separate from the Taoiseach (prime minister), and is a dignified office. The person is chosen for their distinguished public life and service. In this corridor my view that a republic is more dignified, more natural, and more just was confirmed.

Corridor with presidential portraits, Dublin Castle
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Theological questions

Readers of Changing Paths may wonder why I chose not to address theological questions like the existence of God, the afterlife, and related questions.

The first part of the book is aimed at people seeking to leave a variety of high-control traditions, which could be anything including fundamentalist Christianity, fundamentalist Islam, high-control new religions such as Scientology, and even high-control versions of Paganism.

For each of these traditions, the theological arguments are different, so rather than devote a large amount of space to them in the book, or write yet another book about why a supreme creator deity does not exist, I wanted to write about extricating yourself psychologically from harmful religious traditions.

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