Steve Dee reviews Changing Paths

A wonderful review by Steve Dee of Changing Paths is up at The Blog of Baphomet.

Text in post below

“Hearing the deepest longings of our lives can be especially tough when trying to find our spiritual home, but thankfully Yvonne Aburrow’s excellent new book Changing Paths is here to help us. In this book, Yvonne invites us to a position of spiritual adulthood where our personal choices and preferences are honored as an expression of who we are and aspire to be. I would highly recommend Yvonne’s thoughtful and accessible guide to anyone exploring these questions for themselves or for those seeking to make sense of the difficult journeys they may have already taken. For me this book was a healing balm in helping me make further sense of the steps I needed to take. Initiation is rarely easy, but the golden goal of taking our truest and emerging form is an alchemy worth pursuing!”

Steve Dee

Read the rest of the review at The Blog of Baphomet.

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