Blogging/photo challenge

The Changing Paths challenge for May 2023. Feel free to skip a day or post something different from the topic of the day, but if you do the whole thing, I think you’ll arrive at a new perspective on your path.

Use each day’s topic as a writing prompt and go wherever it takes you. You could write prose or poetry. You could use WordPress, Substack, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon—whatever you prefer.

Please link to the Changing Paths website, and use the hashtag #ChangingPaths.

Feel free to add this graphic to your posts.

1. May Morning

2. Spring

3. My new path

4. New friends

5. Celebration

6. Ritual

7. Devotion

8. My old path

9. Old friends

10. Still friends

11. Why I left

12. Things I don’t miss

13. Things I do miss

14. Changing Paths

15. Motivation

16. Stories

17. Deep magic

18. Throwback Thursday

19. Dreams

20. Hopes / fears

21. Family

22. Unexamined baggage

23. Longing

24. Wondering

25. Wandering

26. Wobbling

27. Change

28. Crossroads

29. Memories

30. Reflections

31. Where I am now

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