Dublin Harbour boat trip

On our last full day in Dublin, we took a boat trip to Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leary). It was lovely and we saw the place where the Battle of Clontarf was fought between Brian Boru, high king of Ireland, and the Vikings. We had lunch in Harry’s brunch bar and then got the train back into the centre of Dublin.

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Review: Tolkien Movie

I really enjoyed the movie Tolkien but found some of it to be odd. I get that biographical movies have to truncate, elide, and simplify, but they should be true to their subject. Overall this was a very enjoyable film, and Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins were great as Tolkien and Edith. A fine performance from Adam Bregman as Geoffrey Bache Smith, too.

Spoilers after the jump…

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On building in wood

Building dwellings out of wood is a great thing to do. We currently live in a house whose core is an old log cabin, and it is pretty darn snug in the winter. My previous house was built out of stone, with walls a foot thick, and it could be quite cold and damp. So why do cultures that build their dwellings out of wood get dismissed and belittled for it?

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