Nature notes (May)

Nature notes! The mayapples are out; the trilliums are just going over. Forget me nots in flower. Dogwood in bloom. 12ยฐC outside. Saw a rabbit in the woods. Lots of maple keys everywhere. Lots of Jack-by-the-hedge (garlic mustard); itโ€™s an invasive species here.

Nature notes 5

Nature notes, Sunday 26 February, -7ยฐC.

Walked by Hespeler Millpond. The fresh layer of snow was not slippery. We saw four or five swans. There were some rabbit tracks across the snow thatโ€™s laid on the frozen surface of the millpond. Thereโ€™s also a fallen tree that was felled by a beaver. The sky was blue, crisp, and clear.

View over Hespeler millpond. The river was dammed for the grist mill just downstream and the millpond is mostly about two feet deep, except for the original river channel on the far side.
Rabbit tracks in the snow thatโ€™s laid on top of the frozen surface of the millpond

Nature notes 4

Nature notes, 20 February 2023. 3ยฐC. Sunny with a few clouds. Damp.

Went for a walk in Dumfries Conservation Area. Saw a few ferns, some birch trees, various conifers, a grey squirrel, and lots of chickadees at a feeder by the parking lot. Also this lovely moss. Now that the snow is almost all gone, the forest floor, and stumps and rocks with moss on them, are once again visible.

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Nature notes 3

Nature notes, 19 February 2023. 6ยฐC, high of 7, low of -1. Went for a walk in Sudden Tract. The ground was still frozen but it was pretty warm. We saw lots of chickadees at the feeding station on the boardwalk and one junco. The ponds were all frozen but the streams were only frozen at the edges.

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