Res publica

In this beautiful and dignified corridor are black and white photographic portraits of all the presidents of Eire. (Photo by me, Dublin Castle, 20 May 2019.) In Eire, the role of president is separate from the Taoiseach (prime minister), and is a dignified office. The person is chosen for their distinguished public life and service. In this corridor my view that a republic is more dignified, more natural, and more just was confirmed.

Corridor with presidential portraits, Dublin Castle
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Trans Day of Remembrance 2022

So many brief candles,
So many deaths to mourn,
So many names upon our lips,
Each year a litany of names.

Their unique and perfect beauty
Crafted once by time and circumstance
Snuffed out too soon
Calling out for justice.

Write their names among the stars
Write their names on the wind
Etch the loss into the stones
Until the world changes.

Happy International Nonbinary People’s Day

Thursday 14 July is International Nonbinary People’s Day—a day for raising awareness and organizing around issues that nonbinary people face around the world since it was first observed in 2012.

Nonbinary people are nothing new. We aren’t confused about our gender identity or trying to be trendy—nonbinary identities have been recognized for millennia by cultures and societies across the globe.

It’s important for nonbinary people to be able to live, dress, and have our gender respected at work, at school, and in public spaces. 

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