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A recent study has suggested that allowing readers to be exposed to combative comments interferes with their ability to process new information and think critically about it. In fact, readers exposed to such comments tend to double down on their existing beliefs, i.e. their beliefs about the topic become more polarized than before, while their perceptions of the negative aspects of the topic being discussed increase.

Dowsing for Divinity welcomes thoughtful discussion and debate. We believe that nonviolent communication is a necessary precondition for such debate, and we strive to communicate nonviolently to the best of our ability.

All comments are now automatically moderated. We welcome all constructive comments that are offered in a spirit of cooperative exploration and will publish them selectively, in the mindset of a “Letters to the Editor” section.

6 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Hi I am looking for a copy of Yvonne Aburrow’s The Enchanted Forest. I live in the UK, Do you have any suggestions as where to acquire one?
    Unfortunately I cannot find a copy online.


  2. Nice blog – looking forward to reading more posts in the future – Seeing that you are interested in Occult books – I recommend Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung -also anything by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.


  3. Hello, Yvonne.
    I just read your piece about Art Quester”s passing. Thank you for writing the piece, I have been wondering what happened t Art. We write to each other a little on Facebook then he went quiet. I had suspected that something happened to him, but I just didn’t want to believe that was the case.
    From you piece, I think we have met before because I was one of the members of the Lancaster Dark Ages Society and I went to the event at the Glasgow Garden festival. If you remember, I was the first guy to get stabbed in the gut in the second battle.
    In memory of our friend, Art, I’d just like to share something that happened. The LUDAS group was having a dinner in town. At a pub where we rented one of their event halls. We prepared most of the food ourselves. Then there was the centrepiece of the table which was a pig’s head with an apple stuck in its mouth. I don’t know who came up with that, but Art and I were the ones left to figure out how to execute this monstrosity. You see, that was when we realised a tiny problem: Art was a vegetarian, and I was (and am) a Muslim. Anyway, a few head scratches and some creative use of various utensils and tools (knives etc), we pulled it off.
    Could you tell me how he passed?
    I dug into some old pictures and found this.!AtehkcT9j003j9EIEv71hC_dTEw6HA
    Hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.

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    • Hello, and thank you for commenting, and for the photo! Yes, Art died very suddenly and quickly of a heart attack. We probably did meet. Was that the banquet where there was a lot of roast pheasant? I don’t remember the pig’s head. Great story though!


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