New map of the landscape of gender

Intrepid explorers have discovered new towns and villages on the landscape of gender. The continent of Xenogender and Neogender has been discovered. The villages of Theyby (mapped by the cartographer as Theybes, owing to influence from the Greek geographer Strabo), Enby, and Thonthwaite have been established near Much Genderqueer in the Marsh.

Our intrepid cartographer was unable to map the Cave of Trans Men, as it was near the Secret Volcano Base. She was also unable to locate the underwater lair of the Gendercrits, as they keep moving it.

There may be other villages yet to be discovered or established, and Xenogenderia and Neogenderia are still being explored. The suburbs of Transgender-am-Berg, St Demiboy and St Demigirl, are applying for municipal status.

© Copyright 2021 by Dru Marland (used with permission)

My original post from 2018, The landscape of gender, inspired Dru to create a beautiful map of the continent of Genderia, but since then, more of the landscape has been discovered, so we felt it was time for a new map.

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        Oh readers of plenty…” 😉

        I hear of folk crossing over from Little Cis to the Genderfluid Islands and back again. Let us know if you spot the stepping stones. It seems some people aren’t wholly sure yet.

        Perhaps they’ve been wandering around the Bigotry Straits and heard the angry mooing and bleating. 🙂

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