Nature notes 5

Nature notes, Sunday 26 February, -7°C.

Walked by Hespeler Millpond. The fresh layer of snow was not slippery. We saw four or five swans. There were some rabbit tracks across the snow that’s laid on the frozen surface of the millpond. There’s also a fallen tree that was felled by a beaver. The sky was blue, crisp, and clear.

View over Hespeler millpond. The river was dammed for the grist mill just downstream and the millpond is mostly about two feet deep, except for the original river channel on the far side.
Rabbit tracks in the snow that’s laid on top of the frozen surface of the millpond

Context is everything

I know that some people use “there’s only one race, the human race” to erase the existence of racism. However, race is a socially constructed category based on the idea that there is more difference between ethnic groups than within them. The fact that race is a socially constructed category doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have real effects. Racialized people are treated differently and it affects their health, employment, housing, access to education, justice, and life chances generally. Racism is real and does real harm. Continue reading

Review: Cultish

This book is an excellent overview of the languages of cults, and what attracts people to them. One of the most significant aspects of cults is the …

Review: Cultish

I’ve reviewed this book over at my Changing Paths site, which is a resources site for my forthcoming book, Changing Paths, which will be published in 2023 by 1000 Volt Press. Do give me a follow on there to get news and updates of the book.

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Occult Clerihews Challenge

The Occult Clerihews Challenge! Write a Clerihew about a famous occultist (and post it in the comments or link back to this post so I get a ping-back).

The only rule of clerihews is that they have four lines with an AABB rhyme scheme, and the first line ends with the subject’s last name. I’ve bent the rule slightly because it’s hard to find words to rhyme with Gardner and Valiente. Clerihews don’t have to scan, nor be a complete biography of the person they’re about, and they’re comic rather than serious.

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