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I remember the thrill I got when I first saw Laura Tempest Zakroff’s blogpost where she released the Power Sigil into the wild. I get a similar buzz when she posts a sigil from a workshop on her Instagram page. So I was very excited when I saw that she had written a book about sigil crafting.

There seems to be a very welcome trend towards writing in-depth guides to specific areas of magic. Llewellyn are publishing a series on the witch’s tools, and Moon Books have published guides to specific types of magic.

The book is very attractive, with the Power Sigil on the cover, and I was excited to get my hands on it.

It starts with a thorough investigation of magical marks and signs in various cultures (and warns the reader away from cultural appropriation, which is excellent).

Then there’s a section on various symbols that are commonly used in many different cultures: hearts, stars, circles, triangles, crescents, dots, and so on, along with some handy hints on how to draw them.

Next there’s a section with some key concepts like community, inspiration, love, journeys, invoke, mirror, etc and you were invited to create symbols for each of them.

The process of creating a sigil in a ritual way is described, and how to activate and apply sigils in various ways (drawing, planting, anointing, tattoos, henna, embroidery, fabric paints, and more).

Then the author presents some exercises for sigil crafting, encouraging you to have a go at crafting sigil for some more complex ideas and situations. She turn shows you her solutions to these. Finally she shares some of her beautiful sigils, paintings and artwork, followed by a helpful appendix of further reading and resources.

I particularly like the way that Laura stresses throughout the book that this is about your personal symbols, so there is no single correct answer.

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is interested in magic and witchcraft. It’s a unique system of magic developed by Laura, and the book is very well written and enjoyable to read. I guarantee you will be putting pen to paper and making sigils after you’ve engaged with this book.

Here are some of the sigil designs I made for the exercises in chapter five.

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  1. Very impressed with Laura’s work. She helped us create a sigil for the community. I too highly recommend her books. (She has another book coming out soon co-authored with Jason Mankey – I can’t wait!)

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