How to write a coven enquiry letter

So you’ve read a book or two about Wicca, and now you’re looking to find out more, maybe join a coven. So you look on the Mandragora Magika group-finder page, and you find a group that you’re interested in.

So now you’re ready to write an inquiry letter to the coven. After you have read their entire website and any blogposts they have linked to from their site, of course.

It’s a bit like writing a cover letter for a job application, only you get to put in all your occult and magical interests, and your “magical résumé”.

Recently I received a near-perfect inquiry letter, which contained the answers to the following questions. It was also pleasingly obvious that the inquirer had read our coven website and quite a lot of my blogposts.

What is your name? How old are you?

Are you looking for coven training, or is this just a general inquiry about Wicca? (If the latter, check out my YouTube channel, other posts tagged Wicca on this blog, and my books.)

How long have you been interested in Wicca / witchcraft / Paganism / the occult? (Even if it is only a few months, it is helpful to know the answer to this question, because then I can figure out what resources to recommend.)

When and how did you first hear about Wicca / witchcraft / Paganism etc?

How did you find our coven website / contact details? (Useful to know so that we know what is an effective means of communication. It also shows that you didn’t just write to the first Wiccan that you stumbled across.)

Do you have any prior experience of being in a coven, grove, hearth, magical group, or of solitary practice? (We adjust our training to match your prior experience.)

Briefly summarize your political / spiritual / philosophical / theological leanings. (Not looking for an essay here, but if you’re a Conservative voter who does not care about Indigenous land rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA rights, the rights of immigrants and refugees, and the environment, we are just not going to get on.)

Tell me about some of your interests and hobbies, both magical and non-magical.

What books have you read about Wicca so far? (Useful to know so that we can pitch the training and recommended reading at the right level.)

Was there something specific about Gardnerian Wicca that interested you?

Was there something specific about inclusive Wicca that interested you?

Was there something specific about our coven that interested you?

Do you live locally (if not, how far are you prepared to travel)? Do you have a car? (We live in Canada – it is very difficult to get around without owning a car.)

Are you prepared to put in the commitment and effort needed for participation in a training coven?

If you do not have answers to some of the above questions, that is okay, but you might want to consider doing a bit more reading and reflecting before contacting a coven, so that you can find a coven that is the right fit for you. That might be my coven, or it might not. Either way, blessings on your path!

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