Vintage nature notes 1992

Some of my nature notes from 1992.

5 thoughts on “Vintage nature notes 1992

  1. I love sooo much about this. The way you dated each and used white-out as needed. That you noted what you saw and experienced, such as the types of trees, flowers, and plants, many I hadn’t heard of.
    In particular, I have three synchronicities with May 26th: that’s my son’s birthday and I love the name of the road—it contains part of my passed best boy fur child “Beau” in it. Beaulieu Rd. And that you saw two deer, reminds me of the deer family I saw on Wicklow Way at Glendalough in 2019.
    Anyway, I appreciate you noted the holidays too.
    What is yellow pimpernel, tourmentil, and bog cotton? I’ll be looking several things up now as I am curious.
    Thank you for sharing your handwritten notes! Any plans for these beyond sharing them this way?

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